The wavestone



Elegance and originality combined in a slab of gneiss. This is Rovana, the wavestone.


 This exceptional stone is extracted in the Maggia Valley of Ticino, in the Swiss Alps, by Bettazza Graniti Co. The name comes from the river that descends from Bosco Gurin, a Walser colony, and flows past the vein uncovered in the Cevio quarry. The crystal-clear, sparkling water is mirrored in white lines which form geometric undulations on the surface of Rovana. The swirls, tracks and eddies left by an imaginary stream yield a fascinating play of movement in the rock.







Rovana is a gneiss which flows like a subterranean river under the mountain. A lucky mixture of chance and business enterprise have brought it to life after sixty million years.  This is a unique find in the Alpine region, and is now being offered to those who want to enrich their interior design with a visibly exclusive material.


Rovana can be cut into slabs, even of large dimensions, to create flooring or surfaces which combine the elegance of darker shades with the creativity of nature, which over the course of millions of years has shaped Rovana gneiss into such fascinating layers.


Rovana is an original Swiss Made material, extracted from the heart of the Alps. It can stimulate the creativity of architects, designers and planners to create an exclusive environment. Because captured in Rovana’s lines are the waves of a distant epoch – the creation of the mighty Alps themselves.

Granito Rovana
Granito Rovana
Granito Rovana
Granito Rovana
Granito Rovana
Granito Rovana


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