Stones for walls "Faccia a vista"


Stones with rough visible surfaces.
Stones with a fixed depth: the back surface is machine-cut to the desired depth.
Stones made to measure: the visible surface is rough, all are machine-cut to measure according to the client's requirements.
1 m2 of wall-stones weighs from 400 to 600 kg; this depends on the required thickness.


Rough stones: only one surface is straight. Irregular shape: approx. 15 x 20 x 30 cm, usually delivered loose.
Small stones: the height of the visible surface is of 4 - 8 cm, the depth 10-25 cm. The invisible surfaces are perpendicular and rough.
Large stones: the height of the visible surface is of 8 - 20 cm, the depth 20-30 cm.
The depth is always greater than the height of the visible surface.

Available in

Boschetto dark and light/dark.


On one EUR-SBB palette there are approx. 1500 - 1900 kg of stones for walls.